I'm Taiwo Owatemi,

NHS Key Worker and your local Member of Parliamentfor Coventry North West

I'm Taiwo Owatemi,

NHS Key Worker and your local Member of Parliament for Coventry North West

Taiwo Owatemi MP

Since December 2019, I've been the proud Member of Parliament for Coventry North West. 

My family have lived here for years and my fondest memories growing up have been in Coventry

It is the honour of my life to represent our city.

Every day I work hard to make sure Coventry is the best place to grow up in and the best place to grow old in. 

Before Parliament

Prior to my election I worked for our NHS as a Senior Oncology Pharmacist.

I supported and cared for Cancer patients and their families at their time of need.

Our NHS is the UK's greatest achievement and I continue to work in Coventry Hospitals when I'm not in Parliament.

I stood for election after years of frustration that decisions about the NHS were not made by the people who work there.

I intend to fight for our NHS here in Coventry and when I go down to Westminster so everyone has access to the highest quality of healthcare.

Community Focused

My number one priority will always be our community in Coventry.

Whether I'm giving assemblies in local schools, dropping off deliveries to the local foodbank or supporting local businesses - I'm happiest when I'm at home in the constituency.

I strongly believe that politics is a community service. If you have a problem locally or would like to raise something with me, I'm here to listen and advocate for you.

Your Voice in Parliament

It's my job to go down to Parliament and represent you and your views.

When in Parliament, I stand up for our green spaces, improving our roads, schools and health services.

I also work in the Shadow Home Office because I know the importance of keeping our communities safe by eradicating crime and supporting our police.