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It's my job to go down to Westminster to stand up for  you in Parliament.

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My Roles in Parliament



Office PPS

Working in the Shadow Home Office to tackle crime, support the police and our armed forces and keep our local community safe.

Co-Chair of KNIFE CRImE



I care passionately about keeping our communities and local area safe. In this role, I work to develop policy and represent victims and organisations to help end knife crime.


Social CARE


As a health care worker, I care passionately about our NHS. I sit on the Health & Social Care Select Committee which holds decision makers to account and pushes for the best care across services.

International Trade

Select Committee

British products and services have a world renowned reputation. I work with colleagues to promote British Trade across the globe.


My expenses

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was established to oversee the introduction of new rules and the stringent administration of the payment of expenses and allowances to all Members of Parliament to enable them to carry out their duties.

The expense and allowance claims of Taiwo Owatemi MP can be viewed on the IPSA website.

All claims are published bi-monthly and include the full costs paid for renting a constituency office, as well as equipping it; all phone, stationery and postage costs; all staffing costs (including staff wages and employer pension and national insurance contributions); and any travel and overnight stays in London when Parliament is sitting.